Teddy Bear Tea

In Celebration of the Month of the Military Child,

This event is open to boys and girls from Pre-K to 5th grade. The tea is in celebration of the Month of the Military Child. The tea is conducted to introduce young children to the art of having afternoon tea. Also encourage them to dress up and practice polite table conversation, good table etiquette on how to past food, thank you, please, introduce themselves to others and sharing time with their parent(s).

We encourage Dads to bring their son(s).  Little boys need to know how to have good table manners as well.

Sunday, April 28, 
Dormero Hotel—– Plieninger Str 100 —-  70567 Stuttgart (near Kelly Barracks)
10 euro
Attire for kids: Dressy Dresses, shirt & tie

Contact for tickets: (Panzer/Patch/RB) 0151- 20526-720 Johnson-Archie

                                    (Patch/Kelley/RB) 01525-785-8838 Bader

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